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 Virginia Braden is a licensed Private Investigator and Behavioral Profiler specializing in violent crimes and cold case investigations. This includes death investigations, missing persons, and unidentified remains cases as well as rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stalking, domestic violence cases and elder abuse and child abuse cases.

Virginia Braden also serves as a cold case violent crimes consultant for law enforcement and provides specialized training and education to corporations and small business owners on violence in the workplace.

In addition Virginia Braden works with attorneys, witnesses, and law enforcement providing body language analysis of interviews and interrogations, as well as of testimony both live and recorded, and that of jurors in real time trial settings. She also provides body language coaching and training to victims and witnesses to increase the effectiveness of their testimony. 

She welcomes the opportunity to serve private clients, civil and criminal attorneys, and law enforcement agencies and businesses of all sizes.

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 Virginia Braden can be reached at (859) 462- 4760

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