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Kenton County Deputy Jeremy Adams

& Canine Partner Niko

In 2006 2 year old Niko became the first canine police officer in the Kenton County Sheriff's agency in over two decades. Deputy Jeremy Adams, Niko's human partner, fought hard to bring Niko on board and was elated when the green light was finally given. Early in 2006 Deputy Adams underwent four weeks training in South Carolina before qualifying and then bringing Niko home to work the streets of Kenton County. Niko was off to a quick start as during the very first traffic stop of his very first shift he alerted to drugs in the vehicle and netted not just the drugs but also a firearm and a resulting arrest for the convicted felon who was driving the vehicle. Not bad for his first traffic stop!

Deputy Adams has been in law enforcement for over 12 years and treasures every day he spends on the street with his canine partner. Police work is in Deputy Adam's blood as his father was a Covington police officer and he grew up wanting nothing more than to be in law enforcement. His love for dogs and his passion for law enforcement has resulted in a perfect combination that not only brings great satisfaction to Deputy Adams but also translates into an amazing level of service for the citizens of Kenton County. To date Niko has been responsible for nearly 80 arrests, been pivotal in getting 11 firearms off of the streets, and has realized over $100,000 in drugs and cash forfeitures related to drug arrests.

For Deputy Adams working the streets of Kenton County  with Niko is a dream come true. Says Adams,"How much better could it get then to be able to bring your dog to work with you every day?" For Adams, who grew up in Kenton county, there is enormous satisfaction in being able to help and serve in the community that he has always called home. He most enjoys his interaction with the community as he and Niko demonstrate their skills for local schools and other community groups and reports that he finds it personally rewarding to be able to have such a positive impact in the lives of the citizens of Kenton County. No matter where the dynamic duo go, they definitely have an impact. Whether it is to the scene of a rowdy crowd or to a classroom of middle school kids, Niko and Deputy Adams command attention and respect!

In addition to his duties as a Deputy Sheriff with Kenton County, Deputy Adams also teaches Rape Awareness Defense classes or R.A.D. for short. Again, Deputy Adams remarks on the great satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from being able to give back in a personal way to the citizens of the county that he calls home. Deputy Adams has also been the recipient of the Governor's award multiple times. The Governor's award is given to officers in recognition of outstanding achievement and excellence in the apprehension of impaired drivers.

Should you happen to be out and about in Kenton County and see this amazing law enforcement pair as they patrol the streets, give a wave or whistle and let them know how much you appreciate their presence. Unless of course you are a law breaker, in which case, I would highly recommend that you go peacefully as I can guarantee you that Niko's bite is most definitely worse than his bark!


Would you like Deputy Adams and Niko to do a demonstration for your school or community organization? If so, contact the Kenton County Sheriff's office at 859-392-1800.

For more information on RAD classes you may also contact the Kenton County Sheriff's office at 859-392-1800.




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